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Analyzing the impact of default worries upon Medicare

Analyzing the impact of default worries upon Medicare, Medicaid News outlets report on the potential influence that the chance of personal debt default is having on Medicare, State and Medicaid budgets . Politico: For Medicare And Medicaid, Debt Default Means Uncertainty A default situation is so unthinkable that not too many people have considered what happens to Medicare and Medicaid if a deal isn’t reached. One longtime Washington health hand said he had not contemplated the entire picture of what happens after Aug. 2 with out a deal because, I think it’s unlikely, but it is also sort of [too] horrible to think about . Maryland is postponing a bond sale that were scheduled for Friday, after the condition was warned that its credit history would probably be lowered in the event of a federal downgrade.

In case anybody out there is usually thinking about REAL reform that could rein in the medication companies and protect consumers, here are the top five things that need to be done: The very best five reforms we really need1) Ban all direct-to-consumer medication advertising. It never should have been legalized to begin with. There is no logical medical argument that justifies the practice of promoting prescription drugs right to consumers. 2) Fund the FDA entirely with public money. It’s essential to disconnect the FDA from the purse strings of Big Pharma.