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Welcome to Holiday Apartments Cyprus. Our aim is to provide good-value-for-money accommodation whether you are interested in visiting Cyprus for a holiday, business, or as a winter retreat to get away from the cold and damp British climate. Special discounted prices for long term bookings can be arranged.

Ideal location for students and staff of UCLan Cyprus. Contact us if you are looking for student accomodation to see more apartments.

Please browse this website to get all the information you need. For those last minute holiday items to take with you on holiday, a shop has been added for conveniently purchasing the items you want to take on holiday.

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Our apartments are in the new resort/complex of Pyla Village Resort near Larnaca The apartments were completed in March 2007 and have been built to modern-day standards. Compared to many resorts, Pyla Village Resort is spacious and a modern and a low-rise development. There are various types of apartments in the complex and the one shown here is a one-bedroom on the first-floor. Fold up beds and sofa settees are provided which can be set up in the main living area so that four people can sleep comfortably. Compared to many older resorts, Pyla Village Resort offers a high degree of luxury. The apartment is self-catering and has all new appliances. The apartment is available all year round. Whether you are interested in furnished or unfurnished apartments use the contact us page to let us know your requirements. With Uclan only five minutes walk away, these apartments offer very good value for money suitable for both students and staff who would like to reside close to the university.

Cyprus has a wonderful climate and on average has 320 days or more of sunshine. The Cyprus winter compares favourably in temperature to Spring in the UK. Escape the damp and cold of a British winter and come and stay at one of Cyprus holiday apartments.

The summers in Cyprus are hot (can be in the region of 42 degrees Celsius); even to the native Cypriots it can be hot. If you are planning to just relax by the pool or beach and take it easy, then the heat of summer in Cyprus will probably suit you. Cyprus is one of a few countries where in the morning you could be skiing on the snow (in the Troodos mountains) and in the afternoon be basking on the beach.

Cyprus has long ties with the British and in Southern Cyprus the British military bases are still here and the British influence is evident. Cars are right-hand drive so visitors from the UK will have no difficulty driving on roads in Cyprus.

If you are planning your first holiday to Cyprus, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to answer any questions you have about the accommodation and the resort or anything you might want to know about to preparie for your stay. A few website links have been provided to get you started with your research. We expect you will conduct your own research through the Google search engine etc.. The choice of apartments in Cyprus is enormous. If you prefer the hustle and bustle of a city then you will want to stay in Larnaca or Limassol or Paphos but if you prefer a peaceful and quiet rural setting then Pyla offers this.

This website provides extensive photographs of the apartment and the resort to make sure you will not find any unrevaled horrors when you arrive.

Click on the headings at the top and bottom of the page to take you to the appropriate pages to see exactly what you will be getting. Our ‘Links’ page gives you information on travel and other useful information. Please contact us if you need to see more pictures or have any questions.

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