Holiday Apartments:Pyla Village Resort Larnaca:Cyprus


For UCLan students and staff, use the contact form to get information on suitable apartments

Before booking please check availability and please read the ‘Terms & Conditions

Short-term rent:

Prices are based on a one- to three-week stay. The minimum rental is for one week (7 nights).

Periods longer than three weeks are negotiable.

Prices are all inclusive.

apartment rates (euros) according to number of persons

Daily rate

1 person

2 persons

3 persons

4 persons

October, November, December, January, February, March

25 28 32 36

April, May, June

28 34 38 42

July, August, September

38 44 48 52

Children under 16 years of age qualify for a reduction of €2 per child.

Prices exclude electricity. Electricity charged a 22 cents per unit used.

Short  stays (less than 7 nights):
Bookings for short stays will be accepted when the dates fall between two booked weeks.
Last minute bookings will be accepted if arriving within 6 days from the date of booking. Dates will need to be checked and agreed before a last minute booking can be confirmed.
Full payment plus security deposit needs to be paid at the time of booking a last minute short stay.

Long-term rent:
Prices from €600 for one month rental to €400 per month for a 12-month contract. Long-term rental prices are inclusive of communal charge, local taxes and standing charges. Electricity charged at 22 cents per unit. Electricity will be deducted from an advance deposit.
Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Please contact the owners direct using the ‘Contact Us‘ page.

Why pay for more than you need to?  We ask you to leave the apartment as you find it. This means that the apartment should be left clean and tidy.  If it is not clean and tidy on your arrival, you must let us know immediately.  To keep our prices low, we have to rely on the occupants ensuring the apartment is clean and tidy when vacating.

To hire contract cleaners to come in afterwards would increase the booking fee by EUR 50.00, which is the standard rate we are charged for this service.  To leave the apartment clean and tidy  should  be a  simple task, however, if for health reasons or otherwise you will be unable to do this, please let us know at the  time of booking, so we can make an allowance.   A ‘checklist‘ is provided.

Electricity A way to keep costs down is to pay only for the electricity consumed. See Terms & Conditions. Electricity is charged at 22 cents per unit.

We would like you to abide by our ‘Terms & Conditions’ and leave the apartment in a clean and tidy state just as you should have found it on arrival. Before vacating the apartment, we ask you to comply with the check list that is in the ‘Apartment Manual‘.

We have provided some links to help you with your travel arrangements from the UK.

If you have any questions about the apartment and staying in Cyprus, do not hesitate to contact us.



Reservations confirmed by phone, letter or email must be secured by a refundable deposit within 7 days. Minimum reservation is for one week (7 days). Periods can start from any day of the week. Short periods will be considered when there is less than 7 days available between existing bookings or for a last-minute booking.

A deposit of €100 will act as a reservation deposit and security against damages, excess cleaning and loss of keys etc.. Any legitimate charge against the deposit will reduce the amount of deposit refunded.

The full rental fee must be received not less than 6 weeks before the start date booked.

Full payment. In the event you cancel, a refund will be calculated pro rata; based on the amount of notice given. No refund for less than one weeks notice.
Deposits. Less any justifiable deductions, deposits will be returned within 14 days after vacating the apartment. If you have to cancel, then provided  we have 10 weeks notice, a full refund will be given. For less than 10 weeks notice, a refund will be at the owners’ discretion subject to finding a replacement booking, and will be calculated pro rata.

( It is advisable to take out holiday/travel insurance from the time of booking; in case you have to cancel.)

The apartment will be available from 14:00  We will try to accommodate earlier arrivals to allow for flight times when requested.

If you are arriving late a welcome tray can be made availble. This will comprise of some staple foods to provide breakfast and to a make a hot drink on arrival. Details on request.

Electricity is charged at 22 cents per unit and is deducted from the refundable deposit where agreed.
Please conserve energy and consider the environment. Switch off non-essential appliances when leaving the apartment. Between €5 and €10 per day can be saved by opting to to pay for the electricity use rather than have an inclusive cost to cover the estimated consumed.

Hot water is stored in a tank on the roof and heated by solar panels during the day or by an immersion heater when a boost is necessary. A reserve of cold water is also provided by a tank on the roof. Fresh water is directly availble at the kitchen tap. There might be short disruptions to the supply in times of prolonged hot weather.

These rules apply to all apartments in Pyla Village Resort. A list of communal rules can be found in the apartment. Please read and be aware of the rules. The rules are nothing more than what considerate people will do naturally so as not to annoy and spoil other people’s enjoyment of Pyla Village Resort.
Click here to read a copy in advance.

Bed linen and towels are included but if you can arrange to take your own, a reductiion can be agreed.

Please take care of the facilities and ensure they are left in a clean and tidy condition, as you would wish to find them.  Please notify us immediately on arrival if the apartment has not been left clean and tidy or if anything is broken or missing.

While accidents can happen, if the cost of the damage to the aparment and any of its contents amounts to more than the booking/security deposit, a further charge will be made to recover the difference.

BREAKAGES OF CROCKERY etc.  Please provide a nearby match for the replacement of crockery etc broken in the event of an accident. If not replaced, we need to know so that we can correct the matter before the next occupants arrive. In any event please notify us via the check-list of any breakages.
Failure to provide a replacement will incur a charge against the deposit, subject to the discretion of owners.

No pets of any kind are permitted to be kept in the apartment.

The apartment is  a “NO SMOKING” zone.

Four persons (maximum)

Please consult the check-list of things to do before vacating the apartment.
Click here to read a copy of the checklist.

The apartment should be vacated by 12:00 on the day of departure. We will try to accommodate later departures to allow for flight times when requested.

Whilst precautions are taken to ensure the safety of guests using the apartment, guests are advised to have their own travel insurance. The owners bear no liability forloss of personal items and accidental injury.

Public liability insurance is taken out to cover the apartment and the communal areas within the resort. Please consult the ‘Apartment Manual’ to find out the correct use of appliances etc to avoid personal accidents.
Click here to read a copy of the ‘Apartment Manual’.